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2017 Overall Records   18U: 30 - 2 - 1   16U: 15-2

Jersey Impact National Champions
We Are

Jersey Impact is a small organization with a rich history.  The Impact coaching staff truly cares about its' players and offers them every opportunity to succeed. We’re that passionate about our team’s drive, skill,and sportsmanship and nothing else matters.  Check out the players who make up our winning team and the people who coach them to perfection.

Our Talented Players

Nicole Tahmoosh


Julie Dunn

Center Field / Catcher

Lindsey Walter #9

Pitcher, Short Stop, 2nd, 3rd

Lindsey Walter Jersey Impact

Nicole Tahmoosh #4


Nicole Tahmoosh Jersey Impact

Sarah Furka #98


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Sarah Furka Jersey Impact

Nichole Smith #19

3rd, 2nd, Short

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Nichole Smith Jersey Impact

Alexis Connors #8

Pitcher, First Base

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Alexis Connors Jersey Impact

Leah Schmidt # 40

Center Field

Leah Berlinger  #35

3rd base, Shortstop

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Julie Dunn #17

Outfield, Catcher

Sarah Furka Jersey Impact

Anna Callahan #3

Pitcher, 1st Base

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Ashleigh Gallagher #23

First Base, Outfield

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Samantha Popo

2nd Base

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Aliyah Lloyd #

2nd Base

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2019 Summer Schedule

Date                  Tournament                                                Venue                          Result   

June  8-9           USSSA Play for the Blue Line                     Forks, PA                       6 - 0      
June 15-16        Angels of the Diamond #5                         Bethlehem, PA               5 - 1 
June  22-23       Tri State Boutique Showcase                     Upper Saddle River,NJ   5 - 0       

June 27-30        Team NJ / ROCKfastpitch Challenge         Newtown, PA                  6 - 0 
July 4-7             TNT SUMMER SHOWCASE CLASSIC         Quakertown, PA             6 - 0       
July 13-14         Umpires Summer Classic                            Susquehanna, PA            6 - 0  

July 19-20         USSSA 2019 Night Owl Series                   Quakertown, PA


July 29 - Aug 3  USSSA East National Championship            Salisbury, MD         


July 17, 2017

Impact 16U goes 6-0 to capture Championship at the Readington July Challenge

July 10, 2017

Impact 18U goes 6-0 to Win Championship at the Susquehanna Valley Umpire's Classic

July 3, 2017

June 19, 2017

Impact 18U goes 4-0 and takes Championship at the Readington Father's Day Challenge Tournament.

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June 12, 2017

Impact 18U goes 6-0 and takes Championship at the Carteret Kraze Slide Into Summer Blue Chip  Showcase Tournament.

Impact 16U goes 5-0 to win Championship at the USSSA Fireworks Classic 

Team News

August 7, 2017

Impact 18U Wins ASA Eastern National Championship in Salem, Va. Going 6-1